Giada is coming back to her roots

Giada Catering | Giada De Laurentiis

With Giada Catering, Giada De Laurentiis — Emmy award-winning television personality, cookbook author, restaurateur and professional chef — is coming back to her roots.

When Giada began her career, she worked as a private chef in Los Angeles. Giada would hand-prepare beautiful menus out of her own kitchen and transport the dishes in her car with the help of her brother, Dino (he would carry the heavy things). For Giada, cooking and family have always been intertwined.

As a private chef, Giada discovered her love for entertaining and bringing people together through food. Now, she is returning to her roots — coming full circle — to deliver events in Southern California with the heart and soul of those early days, and the elegance, sophistication and warmth that has come to define her signature brand.

Giada Catering | Chef Tony Leitera

Chef Tony Leitera is an industry veteran that brings over 20 years of experience to his position as executive chef at Giada Catering. Leitera first collaborated with Giada while working in Las Vegas, where he had the opportunity to share her recipes across the country at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival and the New York Wine & Food Festival. Now, they have joined together once again to bring Giada’s signature flavors to your special events.

Chef Leitera’s passion for cooking began when he was a child, helping his grandmother make authentic Italian dishes. He is passing on those lessons to his own family now, sharing treasured traditions and recipes with his wife and three children.

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